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ginger is not right !she only *** on people and mis treats them !

VERY EVIL WOMAN she will always be the way she is . so many people people if they only knew about this site they would put the truth about her on here to . ginger will hope and pray if she prays that the people that she has crossed in the past would not find this site because then the truth about her would be all over this page .

i think that someone should share this link with my puppy broker and the news paper in her home town .maybe this would help her change the way she treats people !!!!!!!!!!!

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Shame on you teri and cheri


such lies.. and why?

My Puppy Broker -

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Ginger Pepple owns and D.O.G dog grooming from Russellville,Mo and started this site a few years ago 2008,this site sells to pet stores all over the country and is set up for usda breeders only and pet stores only.She has no respect for the pet stores or breeders yelling and screaming using the f*** in every other word and running this company with no usda rights, twt transport is a transporter for this company and rips off breeders buy stilling money from them to the point that you have to take them to court to get your money,this is a shady company and breeder/pet store beware.

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I have decided to comment on these accusations. I do know who wrote the original post. It is a small broker out of Iowa, and her A license breeder friend in green city Missouri. I may have faults, as does anyone. And my fault which caused this post. (Which is not geared toward warning anyone from any particular company, but geared toward harming me personally.)

I am a naturally giving person. Those who are natural givers have a tendency to attract natural takers. The broker in Iowa is such a person. She did her best to get into my good graces, to befriend me. But when I discovered what her personality was. I decided to back off. Which is the base of why she is angry at me. She tag teamed with her buddy in Green city. To seek out my faults and weaknesses , then tried to push the envelope, and find a way to harm me. Through her associations with me, and she got a job driving for an instate shipper . Through this job ,all she did was seek out faults in every breeder, and business in her wake. Creating a lot of unrest .

The M.O. of this person is of a person who has the need to find fault in others to distract from her own faults. She has a tendency to call all other breeders Puppy Mill, and if anyone makes a minor mistake she will obsess over it, and do her best to point it out to anyone around her.

My hypothesis is she is ashamed of her business, so she has to knock everyone else’s business, so no one will notice her faults....

When I sold out of the dog breeding business. I was still friends with her. She is a very effective self marketer. As are all takers. My favorite Chihuahua’s, she begged me for. Which to date I have never been paid for. So basically she stole them. I have witnessed her trying to do this with other breeders. It did get back to me she was outright lying to others about the situations between her and I . Then when she started stirring the pot more within the canine industry. The real owner of demanded she be fired, because of all the unrest she was causing. Then a Pet Store turned rescue, and continued to buy puppies as if they were still a pet store, but went only for the cheaper pups. Breeders on are your smaller breeders, they have no desire to sell to unethical businesses. It is unethical to become a rescue non profit, and obtain puppies on the wholesale market and ask for large donations as if the puppies were in need of rescue. This is a huge issue within the rescue industry. Because of all the demonizing of Pet Stores real demons are created. And these unethical rescues who only claim to be rescue to get out of paying taxes and follow state lemon laws, and to market on other peoples sympathies.

A Pet Store unknown to me switched from Pet Store to rescue, so this unethical rescues could purchase more desirable to the consumer ,dogs and puppies to profit from. I was contacted by breeders who received checks from this so called rescue which was using a Pet Stores account. I took care of it and removed the user. The green city breeder threatened me which escalated the situation. Also what lead to these post

As for the fake rescues. I feel a rescue must be a rescue. These fake rescues are distracting from real rescues, and some of them bring harm to puppies through their greed, and ignorance. Because they are not regulated ,nor held accountable for selling sick puppies, because they hide under a supposed rescue blanket. So they are not forced to attempt to keep the poor animals in healthy conditions. When a puppy gets sick in one of these fake rescues, they then just blame it on others, and use the sympathies of good animal lovers to further fill the fake rescues pockets. So the CEO’s can pay themselves large paychecks, and use the expense accounts to benefit them.

Money these people rake from the Animal loving communities are then guided down the wrong channels which does cause harm to the dogs, and the people who love, and the innocent people who breed them. I am sure some of them in their minds may mean well. But seriously how is the animal a rescue when they buy them? Regardless of where they buy them from.

I ran into a Pet Store turned Rescue who bought dogs from Thailand. She claimed those rescue dogs were better for her nonprofit/business. Because they did not bring in Kennel cough as much as the other sources., which she stated were shelters Yes there are many of these so called rescues who purchase their charges in order to resale them marketing on sympathies.

Bringing in dogs from third world countries in my book is extremely unethical in the light of the supposed dog over population in America. I have nothing against rescues who move Pets from states with too many shelter dogs to states that are in high demand of them. But I am totally against rescues who buy from auctions, from breeders posing as pet store or brokers, from third world country sources, and from answering ads in classified from pets owners are trying to re-home themselves. And, because rescuing is such a lucrative business to those who have found this nitch. In the past few years it has been proven that some of these unethical sources have been caught stealing Pet Dogs from peoples yards. A few cases have video’s . Also cases when natural catastrophes happen some of these unethical rescues come in and steal dogs to send to the rescue starved bigger cities for profit.

This is part of my reason for being involved in the Commercial canine industry. The person who initially wrote this and contributed to the negative feed backs linked my name with my grooming business with for a reason. That reason is because she knew ( because we discussed this before) my fear of them being linked. Why? Because of the battles between rescues, USDA commercial Breeders, hobby breeders, show breeders, and the fact that yes the public still falls victim within this huge battle.

That as a groomer being associated with the most hated dog group on the planet. Commercial USDA licensed breeders. That would harm my grooming business. It already has because I posted my feelings on a grooming forum which caused me to be harassed with crank calls and negative attention for about a month, that was until I left the forum. Because of my views and involvement. I even showed this broker in Iowa that battle I had with my fellow groomers on that forum . Some groomers on that forum found out I sympathizes with the commercial breeding industry, so I was and verbally black listed, and they demeaned me because I had once held a USDA license.

I also wrote articles in the editorial section of my towns newspaper over prop B, and helped lobby at the capital where I did run into many of my customers who did not agree with breeding dogs, because I assume they feel the dogs were being abused. I lost quit a bit of customers over that . I also discussed this with the Iowa Broker.

You see I am a giving person. I am also a dog lover. But unlike a lot of your serious pet and animal folk. I do not hate people. I like people ,even the bad ones. As much as I like Animals. I can get angry at them. But I do not feel it is within my means to judge a person , without walking in their shoes. I know I can only walk in my own shoes. I am a Christian and I hold very close to me the judge not least thee be judged. Now

Granted in my younger, and more immature years. I was judgmental. I was an Animal Rights activist, and the things I said, just because I read an article or two. Was horrible. I was a bit angry with the world at that time, and felt that humans who harmed animals needed to be stopped at all cost. Well one must be a psychic to actually accomplish that goal.

Being that the canine industry is so unprofessional ,and self defeating . People who think they are doing the correct thing can too easily be labeled. Because definitions within the canine industry are simply not there. We all know dogs in some cases must be kenneled for their own safety. But what really is a good kennel? Without knowing exactly what a good kennel is. Those who need to keep dogs in kennels can only guess without real study, what a good kennel is.

I see this as a huge problem. Sure there are laws and rules. But they do not cover exacts and have absolutely no examples. When we were building our kennel ( cost 50k) I went to seminars ,I asked inspectors, heck I even called the HSUS puppy mill department. Asking what can I do to have a kennel which is good for the dogs, that can never be called a puppy mill. The only clear answer I got was keep the kennel painted ,and hang flowers. OK! How does that improve the life of the dogs? If high grass can attract bugs ( which is a write up) , how do hanging plants not attract bugs? Heck I am a bee keeper I know bugs love hanging plants.

So we wasted a life savings ( yes we are not wealthy people) to try and do an enjoyable business that would take us past retirement. Because of all my knowledge centered around dogs, and both of our passions , and love for dogs. ( We being me and my boyfriend) We had to guess on the best flooring , and the best size ( everyone I know always exceeded the minimum size standards which are really too small) We even set up a schedule of outside time to run our 50 acres. Which I know some breeders who have been written up for allowing dogs to run around outside the kennel. We found the best parent dogs ,and loved them dearly. If I knew then what I know now. I would have never become a licensed kennel. Yes I was aware of the hatred towards licensed kennels, but I had no idea what I was really in for. I thought I could handle it. But I could not.

I did found but I did not own it, nor did I ever receive a paycheck . I did it because I felt it was the right thing to do. Because I see the USDA licensed dog kennel as the scapegoat of a very damaged industry. One that is so tangled with hatred, finger pointing, greed of power.

America and most of the world loves their pet dogs. But you have this very tangled web that has grown into a monster, and that would be the canine industry as a whole. Which is a multi billion dollar a year industry. Ironically in the industry those who are claimed to be the greedy ones. The dog breeders. Make a very tiny portion of that money, and being that I was once a licensed kennel myself. I can attest that there is really no money in it. Which is its biggest down fall.

Any venture that is not profitable can not grow, and improve. Be it a rescue with no money, they easily turn to neglect and abuse, the same with any kennel. No profits equals no improvement, no better genetics, no further education. Which can lead to no marketing which can lead to being very over run with no money to feed them.

When I got into the commercial aspect I heard a saying which stuck with me. Every Kennel is 2 weeks from becoming a puppy mill. All it takes is for a savings account to be depleted, sales not to happen, and you have a lot of dogs and puppies that can go without vet care, and even worse food. All it takes is for a kennel owner to hit the hospital and the level of care can drop to very dangerous levels. This is because it has been strongly marketed that to make a profit from breeding dogs is unethical. I have only witnessed dog lovers in the commercial breeding world. Who else would take such a horrible level of chastising, along with little to no profit, and continue such a business? The only way to make a profit breeding dogs from what I see is to either have hundreds of them or not be licensed at all which can lead to bad living conditions for dogs.

A derogatory term also used against licensed kennels is greeder. It is said they breed for greed. Well if there is a kennel that makes huge profits, and instead of using profits to improve their kennels and take care of their dogs. I am all with the rescues an Animal Rights activist that kennel needs to either put up and take care of their charges or get out. But unless they are licensed and regulated how is that accomplished???

But the problem is this is not the case. You have good honest animal loving people who got in. Who have the ability to do the right thing. But become limited due to low capital.

This is why I founded So the breeders could keep more of their profits . So they can grow ,and just be better. It did work. I met some wonderful breeders. I was told that did accomplish this goal. But because of my involvement I had death threats, and lost grooming business, and I know, I made enemies of people who despise the commercial dog industry, because they do not fully understand it.

If the HSUS and all the other non profits who wish to end Puppy Mills. Really wish to end them. It can be done rather quickly , but then again they wont be able to use that crisis to collect donations either. To end Puppy Mills and the public being ripped off from buying sick and defected pets. It will never be accomplished through hate, wars, prohibition, witch hunts, lynch mobs , new laws, and federal control. It is very simple

1. Define the term Puppy Mill. Define it in a way where everyone knows exactly what the limits are. What line someone would cross to become a puppy mill. If good people knew exactly what would make them a puppy mill. Believe me they would do everything in their power not to be one ,and collateral damage would end ,and real unethical breeders would stick out like a sore thumb. Presently the term puppy mill is grossly misused . I have seen the term Puppy Mill used against all USDA licensed kennels, anyone with more then one breed of dog, anyone another breeder is mad at. The list is vast . So it is preventing the identification of true puppy mills when the term can be used for just about any situation which makes it impossible to *** out the real perps.

2. Study on what the best kennel design is ( size, flooring, structure, enclosure material etc) What is best for the dogs, not what is pleasing for the human eye.? Everything must be taken into consideration . Health, mental stability, safety, and the proper and best place for nurturing puppies ,and how best to do this. At present there are no examples of that a great kennel would be. Only guestimations. How is one suppose to accomplish a goal if they have no exact idea what it really is. Building a kennel is a very expensive venture ,and sure there are designs out there, and examples. But they are not proven . Most of them have the appearance of jails which is something the public does not find tasteful. Even in these times. Shelters have serious disease issues. Is concrete really an appropriate flooring system? It holds moisture, holds heat and cold, allows animals to lay and walk in their own *** and urine. So many pets die in shelters not just from euthanasia , but also due to poor kennel design. Granted more and more PRETTY shelters are sprouting up. But they are still using the same exact containment units. How is this healthy for dogs?? Especially pets that are forced to stay in these kennels due to boarding issues for the judicial system.

3. We need more studies on stress borne illnesses. One of the main issues used against breeders are veterinarian situations. Which mainly are your stress borne illnesses. There are some old protocols to try and prevent these issues. But they do not always work. Theses issues are the number one reason why a new puppy may sub-come to a costly illness, and possibly die. The most common are coccida, Guardia, and kennel cough. All three can label a breeder as a puppy mill in the public eye. Regardless of how they keep and breed their dogs. And yet there is not a single full proof method of guaranteeing a new puppy will not contract these issues. A breeder can do everything right yet the puppy can be exposed and because of the stress of a new environment become seriously ill. The causes of a new puppy contracting these illnesses are limitless. The puppy could catch them from anywhere. A kennel cough vaccine only covers a few of the hundreds of strains. Most all puppies carry coccida and stress can cause an over growth. Guardia is highly contagious and can be passed in many ways. A simple trip to the vet , an airplane ride, dog park, being grouped with a puppy from another kennel etc, can expose any puppy to any stress borne illness. Most all of your shelters are in constant battle with these situations, and is a very large contributor to shelter dog and puppy deaths. This is a ball the veterinarian community drops. There should be on going studies on prevention , treatment, and control of all stress born illnesses. Nothing sadder then a child receiving that begged for puppy only to watch the baby die from a stress borne illness. The new pet owner is going to be very obviously distraught, and looking for someone to blame. Granted most of the illnesses are treatable but not all puppies have the same immune systems, and left untreated it can lead to death especially in your very small breed puppies. The Veterinarian community makes the bulk of the profits in the multi billion dollar canine industry but do not do studies unless the studies are independently funded. If this is the case. What is stopping the non profits, and the for profits from helping to fund these issues.

4. Breed clubs have got to stop demeaning commercial breeders and Pet Shops. As Mr Spock from Star trek would say. This is highly irrational. How is it the public buys into this do not buy from the licensed , regulated, and tax paying entities, because they are greedy but only buy from the unlicensed, unregulated, non tax paying, non business entities ? I just really do not get it. Now granted I did think I got it back when I was an Animal rights activist. I started my canine carrier in the dog show world. This is where I learned to be an animal right activist. This is where I was told that the commercial breeders were haphazardly breeding substandard dogs. They and the back yard breeders were the enemy of the dog world.

I have an eye for a well conformed dog. But after I became a dog groomer and I took this snobbery with me. I did notice some of these visually less then perfect dogs were leading healthy, well rounded lives, and were giving their dog owners love and enjoyment. It took me a while to reform from that brain washing. But Now I feel what is the most important thing about a breeder is that they breed good health in both the mind ,and body of all dogs. So the public can have pets they love that do not sub-come to painful horrible afflictions. Something I see on a daily basis as a professional groomer. Nothing sadder then a dog lover with a dog that has a painful condition. I learned then the public only wants a pet. Show dogs are not for everyone and can also cost more then what the common public can afford in a pet many of the good onews costing in the 10’s of thousands. So while the breed clubs continue to demean breeders outside of their show world. They are contributing to more suffering. The public gets stuck trying to guess who the good breeder are, many times being fooled by imposters. Those trying to stay in the business will say what they think is needed to be said ,to attract the customers who buy their pups. Because it is not ethical to make a profit off of pet dogs. You have breeders who are under funded breeding dogs with known hereditary issues. But because they love their dogs, and the dogs sleep in their beds. Or they had them win at shows before the conditions were discovered. They will still breed them, because heck they are better then a common puppy mill , they did all the right things. This is a serious issue this divisions. That is just one possibility but because of the divisions. These breed clubs are loosing genetic diversity, and because their code of ethics are against selling to USDA licensed breeders and brokers and pet stores. But do not focus on not breeding known hereditary issues with in their breeds. They are setting up their breeds to produce health issues. Look at the Pomeranian it is the number one breed on the OFA registry to develop luxated patella’s . Yet there is nothing in their code of ethics ,last time I looked ,trying to control breeding of dogs with this condition. Yet there is something in the code of ethics against selling to pet stores and commercial breeders. I really do not know of any other venture in the world where it is said do not buy from the legal licensed business, take your chances and buy from the unlicensed unregulated public. Come on how many would say it is more ethical to have brain surgery from some unknown unlicensed guy. Over a board certified licensed surgeon? Sure a licensed surgeon can be a bad surgeon, but at least you know they went to school ,and are tested on their abilities, they also are in a position to loose their license if they are real bad. If the dog industry were not so screwed up there could be real referral systems to try and control this. If the breed clubs were really serious about preserving their breeds. They would welcome the commercial sector and use it. And educate the breeders so they breed within their standards. Not ban them just because of how they sell. There is more control buying from a licensed tax paying regulated business. Then there is from buying from any Joe Schmo who can say or do anything to sell a dog. And if the breeder is only interested in one breed. How is Joe Public suppose to make a rational breed choice for their family? No selection leads to pushing of a breed that may not be good for that family. Right now the USDA is looking into changing the laws which they think will prevent the bad unregulated breeders from staying in business. But it is just an idiotic band aid. All one has to do is sell from their homes to fall under the pet store requirements, to prevent kennel licensing . So I feel this will not resolve the issues. We need to stop the separation in order to control the whole. And if a breed is riddled with serious hereditary defects I feel that breed club has got take responsibility and do everything to end the issue. Which includes involving the veterinarian community. The advantages of buying from Pet Stores that are allowed to exists in the show hobby world are.

1. It will make it easier to educate the public on a breed best for them. By being able to touch and feel different breeds and an educated Pet Store having the knowledge to reinforce the proper information

2. The breed clubs would be able to control breed type better within their breeds

3. Breed health issues could be followed better because businesses are better at collecting and keeping data, which can be done more uniformly.

4. Education of all breeders and sellers can be controlled by the breed clubs

5. It would help create jobs and stop the idiotic urban legion that making a profit off of dogs is unethical. Profitable enterprises attract professional people. Breed club involvement can control the ethic portion of those professionals.

5. Stop using terms like GREEDER and help teach breeders how to be profitable so the right things can be done in all aspects of dog breeding and selling. With enough capital good breeders can stand out which would make it easier for the public to select the best puppy or dog source.

I can go on and on. But I just feel that there are just too many dog lovers just packing on each other. I feel the canine industry is in self destruct mode. It freaks me out that the public buys into some of these crazy ideas. All said I see the animal lovers on both sides. Because I am one of the very few that has actually been on both sides. But I am weary, and I am tired of the dog eat dog. I felt very passionate about saving the dog industry. But I have got to start thinking about myself. This pissed consumer article really hit a cord in me. So T and C you accomplished your goal on hurting my feelings. I am sure you cost me a few grooming clients too. But in the long run, I think you lost more then me. And I think I am ready to remove my fear by admitting I a professional Dog Groomer helped and loved a lot of Commercial dog breeders.

But , I will no longer be any part of the commercial dog industry. My only involvement in the canine industry will be through my grooming. has sold to a very nice guy who seems to have the passion to help the breeders. And I am going to live a quiet easy life. Void of worrying about others hardships. I am going to pretend like I do not know what I know, and do my best to stay away from any more conversation about this issue. This is all I have to say. God Bless our dogs and the people who love them , keep them safe from those who know no better.

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I have been very happy selling puppies on this site.I find Ginger to be very professional and extremely in tune with keeping only professional licensed breeders and stores on her site.

If a problem arises she is on top of it.

I also have dealt with most of the transporters and have never had a problem with them either.Guess you just can't please everyone and about her language, I have never really made her mad as I have never heard it.


I have dealt with Ginger and mypuppybroker site for many years now and have never once had any problems, Nor have I heard of anyone else with any problems.. Keep up the great work you do Ginger!


8) I have had great luck and relations with Her and the site . There will always be someone that needs to draw attention to their selves . And hurt or try to make problems for other that are successful at their business and they can't get theirs off the ground.


I went back to pbt also.This site my puppy broker.

Is ran so unprofessional never have dealt with such vulgar mouth.

In the 30 years of being a breeder stay away from this site.PBT all the way.


I'm a breeder and I started selling my puppies on this site,This lady is nuts she has a nasty faul mouth and yells at people and I stopped selling on this site and went back to pbt because of her drama and mouth :eek


have dealt with ms pebble, very crude, vulgar and unprofessional


Happy new year.

My name Vivian ! I saw your profile today and became inter​ested to write to you today,

I Feel we shall make a better intro​duction in our next commu​nication. I want to make a good frien​dship with you,

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Happy new year.

My name Vivian ! I saw your profile today and became inter​ested to write to you today,

I Feel we shall make a better intro​duction in our next commu​nication. I want to make a good frien​dship with you,

If you accept my interest feel free to write me back with this email address (Vivia​na4Single at y a h o so that i can reply you with my pictures

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